What’s so great about Action Sports Photography anyway?

What I love about Action Sports Photography and why it is so great, is the ability to freeze a moment in time.  To get up close and see the emotion.  Football and sports in general happens so fast that having the ability to freeze that split second moment in time is really amazing.    To present that moment via a photograph to the athlete is special and cannot be accomplished easily.

Still pictures of an athlete posed for the camera are good to give to the grandparents.  However, what is really special is a photo of the athlete in action.  Catching that touchdown pass, making the tackle, the block that sprung the running back or the coach’s reactions to events on the field.  Action shots are the photos that get me excited.  Pick up any Sports Illustrated or ESPN magazine.  Check out what kind of photos are printed.  Action Photos.

Fifteen to twenty or more years in the future an action photo will be a cherished item in any athlete’s career portfolio.  Sure, sharing photos on social media is great and exciting.  Posting and sharing that photo of the game winning TD catch for the world to see.  But where will that photo be in 5 years or 10 years?  Chances are long gone.  Photo prints are still the only way to preserve that moment in time for years to come.

Action Sports Photography is what I specialize in.  Not only taking the photos but printing those photos as high quality professional prints to last a life time or more.    I am very excited to be shooting Action photos at this year’s Youth Football Jamboree in Paso Robles this weekend.  It will be a great opportunity to shoot photos of the young athletes, cheerleaders and coaches in action on the field.